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Green Screen

1.49 usd

Turn your android into a greenscreen studio! (aka chroma-key effect)Use any solid colored background, snap a photo and this will remove the screen color and replace it with a cool background. Works best with bright natural colors like green and blue. Black or white backgrounds do not work well.
** Please email with any questions or feature requests! Happy chroma-keying!
- Includes over 50 backgrounds including beautiful landscapes, textures and fun shapes. You can also select any image on your phone to use as a background- Built in eyedropper to click on part of the photo to set the background to any color (in case you don't have your own greenscreen...)- Use the menu button to save the finished image or share to email/facebook/etc- Best results will be achieved with even colored background and lighting- Use the threshold button (in the menu) to adjust how much of the background is removed